Poem written by a NaB Graduate

Poem written by a NaB Graduate

The following was sent into the NaB Team by one of our fantastic Team Leaders from Capri Cosmetology Learning Center. Scroll down to read all about it!


One of our Esthetics students just graduated and gave me a poem. She loved Nuts and Bolts and was a very bubbly, personable, kind of person. Her goal is to go out get a job and work for 2 years to then come back to Capri to become a coach here with us. Thought it would be nice to post and share with all of you.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Troncillito
Capri Cosmetology

Never give up..

Call me mistakes
For I am your best friend
Just when you think you have failed
Because of me,
you have no choice but to get back up again…

Call me fear
For I live here
I am the barrier between success and mind guess
But funny thing is that I am false evidence appearing real

Call me unknown
For I am the reason you are stressed
Because of me you worry so much
But 75% of what yo worry about never turn out as you guessed

Call me rejection
For I am the reason you feel so down
But it doesn’t matter how many times you fall
What matters is how many times you pick yourself up off the ground

Call me pain
For I am the psychological form of guilt
And without me you will be fine
But when you are thinking of me I will always make you feel ill

Call me success
For I am the reason why business have stretched
But I’m also the reason why people waste their talents and their breathe
Because people fear that they won’t be able to pass test
But I am here to tell you to put your mind at rest
And just put your right foot forward and give it your best
And if you fail than do it again because your talents will always be your greatest invest

Dennise P

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