Monthly Archives - April 2015

REP: Reflect-Engage-Perform

  How many times have your heard Nuts and Bolts Team Leaders saying, “Reflect! Engage! Perform!” during bootcamps or coaching calls?  More than a few times, I bet. But it’s important. Just like a trainer at the gym building your muscles, your NaB Team Leader is helping you to build [...]

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Sometimes running a business can be lonely and very daunting so having regular light at the end of the tunnel is essential to maintaining positivity. That light becomes achievable when you have a clear set of goals in your business plan. Every good leader has goals. Your goals will [...]

Setting Income Target

You’ve finished your business plan; it’s clear concise and ready to go. You are now onto the real fun of starting your business, the reality check. A reality check is the process of determining if you can actually live the lifestyle you want to live or if you need [...]