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S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Sometimes running a business can be lonely and very daunting so having regular light at the end of the tunnel is essential to maintaining positivity. That light becomes achievable when you have a clear set of goals in your business plan. Every good leader has goals. Your goals will [...]

Setting Income Target

You’ve finished your business plan; it’s clear concise and ready to go. You are now onto the real fun of starting your business, the reality check. A reality check is the process of determining if you can actually live the lifestyle you want to live or if you need [...]

Clarity in Your New Business Plan

You’ve graduated Cosmetology school and are super motivated to get out there and show your stuff, but you’re not quite sure how to make it on your own? It’s time to get focused on creating your successful business of YOU. The first step to creating a successful business [...]

How to blow your new relationship

An effective client consultation is the first step to providing an excellent service. It’s all about developing a solid, trusting relationship from the start so your clients are happy opening up to you, allowing you to work together to ascertain exactly what is best for them and their hair [...]

Student Loans: Unfortunate Necessity

There's a lot of talk in the news about student loans and the issues of financing our education with debt. According to, the United States now holds $1.2 trillion in collective student loan debt and graduates in 2014 are leaving school with an average debt of $33,000. [...]

Beware the ‘Suites’ Trend

The second biggest decision you will make as you begin your career is where to work after graduation. Why is your first job your most important? Because it sets the stage for things to come. Your first job will allow you to build your confidence and [...]

Getting an ‘Ivy League’ Advantage

It's common knowledge that those that graduate from the Ivy League of schools tend to be favored in the stack of resumes. Even long after they've completed those strenuous years of entry level work, they can still brag about being an Ivy League grad and will eyebrows raise in [...]