Be A Super Student With These 5 Study Suggestions

Be A Super Student With These 5 Study Suggestions

Congratulations – you’re well on your way to becoming a salon or spa professional! However, as you know, the hard work begins when you step into a classroom. Ask yourself, “Do I have the tools I need to succeed in school?

Now is the perfect time to get rid of bad habits, put good study habits in place and show up to school ready to rock!

1. Plan when you’re going to study.

It seems like a no-brainer: if there’s a test tomorrow, you have to study today. But having a solid plan in place can set you up for success. Students who study sporadically and whimsically don’t get as much accomplished as those who know when they’re going to sit down to crack open the books (or laptop).

2. Set a specific goal for each study time

Driving around without knowing where you’re going isn’t a good idea. You could end up at a dead-end or lost. It’s the same with studying – you need to know what needs to be accomplished each time you get to work. Examples are “Outline project due next week” or “memorize terms in chapter three”. Life success coach Tony Robbins has a great quote about goals: Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

3. Take breaks (and reward yourself!)

Breaks and rewards can reinforce goals and create a positive attitude. Studying for two hours at a time without stopping is not realistic or fun! Set the timer – study for a chunk of time then take a short break from studying. Use your time off to grab a snack, take a short walk or talk to a friend. If you succeed in short term study goals, find bigger rewards for reaching long term goals. You might enjoy a special dessert, download a new tune or have fun playing a few rounds of TriviaCrack. You’re not just studying to graduate from school; you’re learning self-discipline – a vital life skill.

4. Know the expectations for each class.

Different instructors have different expectations from their students. Talking with the teacher early in the semester can help you understand the course requirements and the instructor’s expectations. Try to stay present in the classroom – don’t zone out or you might miss an important expectation.

5. Keep healthy and balanced – in school and in life.

When you’re out of balance, the things you’re not focusing on become that much harder. It’s hard to live a balanced life while in school! However, the more balance you seek, the easier each component in your life becomes. If you spend all of your time focusing on a relationship, you can see how easy it is to let other parts of your life suffer. Now is the perfect time to work on being balanced so you can become a well-rounded beauty professional!

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