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Attracting the Mobile Generation

It's a battle every school faces - getting their students off their phones and into the classroom. Many tech-savvy schools are taking advantage of this addiction and even implementing programs that utilize the smartphone. Either way, your prospective students are certainly on their phones as the general [...]

How to Fire an Employee

You got into the education business to grow, develop and nurture young professionals. Your visions of mentoring both students and educators and helping them towards achieving their goals probably didn't include the dirty details of management. However, the reality is you will eventually have to 'let someone [...]

Are you a Beauty School Hero?

As the owner of a beauty school, you may feel anything but a hero. But as the person helping to build the future of hundreds of young students, many would say that exemplifies the definition of 'hero.' Being a true mentor for students is a few steps [...]

5 Essentials of Customer Service

In any business, servicing the customer is of the utmost importance. In a school, it's even more paramount. Why? Because you're teaching the new generation how to interact with their clientele. Teaching through example, your students will learn how to properly answer the phone, take appointments, that they need [...]

Power of Numbers in a School

As we come back to our office from our 2014 member's conference, we are reminded of how truly amazing it is to be part of something bigger. NaB member schools are some of the smartest minds in the business, epitomizing passionate and dedication to excellence. We love [...]

What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

Anyone that has dabbled in search engine marketing – paid or organic – knows that we’re in a competitive market. Just ask your admissions department – there are a lot of choices for students when it comes to getting a ‘beautiful’ education. You need to get out [...]