What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

What’s Your Competitive Advantage?

Anyone that has dabbled in search engine marketing – paid or organic – knows that we’re in a competitive market. Just ask your admissions department – there are a lot of choices for students when it comes to getting a ‘beautiful’ education. You need to get out front and stand out if you want your stream of new students to be on the rise.

Aside from the marketing tactics of driving prospective students to the website, you should showcase your decision to be more than just a journey to the state board exam. Students embarking on this path towards a long term career will be interested to hear that you will give them the tools they need to be successful after they graduate. Parents will be happy, too!

Update Your Key Benefits

As a Nuts & Bolts school you should showcase that you offer business education alongside the mandatory skill training. This will help the web viewer immediately see that you are a head above the rest and offer progressive programs.

Educate Your Admissions Staff

While we typically don’t get the pleasure of working too closely with your admissions team, those schools that do bring their admissions crew to the Nuts & Bolts meetings see dollar signs in the eyes of their admissions team. It’s immediately evident to admissions reps that this is a massive point of difference for their school and they get excited to start learning the NaB lingo. Bringing this department up-to-speed will help you sell the dream on each phone inquiry.

Enhance Your Marketing Materials

Quite often students request information on the school so they can discuss with their parents or think it over. Don’t forget to mention that you offer more on your marketing materials. We even offer a leaflet for you to include with your materials to make it easy to show them what it means to be a Nuts & Bolts graduate! It doesn’t take much to show them they will have a newfound business acumen as they start their new careers that will help them find the success they are looking for.

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