Monthly Archives - February 2015

Add a Little Spice with a Guest Speaker

You are an expert in what you do and can inspire your students to become great at their newfound career path. So are others in the field and finding guest speakers to conduct a lecture in your classroom can add credibility to the program, confirm your curriculum and add [...]

How to Fire an Employee

You got into the education business to grow, develop and nurture young professionals. Your visions of mentoring both students and educators and helping them towards achieving their goals probably didn't include the dirty details of management. However, the reality is you will eventually have to 'let someone [...]

Student talent unveiled at IBSY 2015

America’s most outstanding students were celebrated at the Nuts and Bolts International Business Student of the Year (IBSY) Awards and the Sassoon Academy School Connection Awards, held this January in a joint ceremony at ISSE Long Beach. Every year thousands of students compete in the IBSY and Cut|Color Awards, now [...]