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How to Lose Students

  You want to attract more students, right? And you want them all to be the kind of high-calibre individuals who will turn into top-quality professionals? Well, it’s a competitive market out there. Not only are you vying against other beauty schools, but you also face tough competition from other [...]

REP: Reflect-Engage-Perform

  How many times have your heard Nuts and Bolts Team Leaders saying, “Reflect! Engage! Perform!” during bootcamps or coaching calls?  More than a few times, I bet. But it’s important. Just like a trainer at the gym building your muscles, your NaB Team Leader is helping you to build [...]

Add a Little Spice with a Guest Speaker

You are an expert in what you do and can inspire your students to become great at their newfound career path. So are others in the field and finding guest speakers to conduct a lecture in your classroom can add credibility to the program, confirm your curriculum and add [...]

Educator Burnout: How to Avoid It

Being an instructor in a fast-paced cosmetology school can be emotionally, physically, and mentally consuming. Often, educators find themselves worried about how to reach students or guilty because their work/life balance isn’t balanced at all! Long hours teaching, evaluating students and planning classes take a toll. [...]

Using Questions in the Classroom

Posing questions in the classroom is a known practice to help encourage participation, increase active listening and expand on the subject matter. It's a staple part of what we teach our Team Leaders at Nuts & Bolts to engage their students in planning their careers. Here are [...]

INFOGRAPHIC: Textbooks Less Effective

It's been a topic of heated conversation over the past couple of years - mobile vs. no mobiles in the classroom. Whatever way you swing on the debate, it's obvious that digital learning is on the rise. Our latest curriculum release embraces that shift to help schools [...]

Motivating Reluctant Students

We are very lucky in our industry to say that the majority of our students are passionate, driven and truly want to make the world a better place. What an amazing job we have! And then there's the occasional resistor. Whatever the reason, they aren't interested [...]

Millenials Aren’t Aliens

The flurry of articles, both in the industry and out, obsessed with talking about millennial's like they aren't listening have painted them as self-centered, lazy and difficult. These 'kids' that expect a handout, aren't interested unless it's on their iPhone and don't believe they can possibly fail aren't [...]