Educator Burnout: How to Avoid It

Educator Burnout: How to Avoid It

Being an instructor in a fast-paced cosmetology school can be emotionally, physically, and mentally consuming. Often, educators find themselves worried about how to reach students or guilty because their work/life balance isn’t balanced at all! Long hours teaching, evaluating students and planning classes take a toll. Here are some time-tested ways to avoid the burnout and arrive at school refreshed and excited to teach.

1. Let It Go.

The title of one of the most popular movie songs ever recorded is also a great way to start fighting burnout. When you embrace uncertainty and the unknown, you’ll create the ability to “let go”. Don’t dwell on everything that’s left undone – know that you’ve done your best and “let go” of the negative thoughts.

2. Balance.

In yoga, bodies in stretching poses are beautiful. Muscles compromise to support others and balance is not a matter of strength as much as support. This is a lesson we can extend from our internal selves in order to seek out a supportive community. If you need a little support, know that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Let mom come over and help with the laundry, ask your kids to run a few errands so you can enjoy more non-chore, non-teaching activities.

3. Embrace Your “Self”.

You are human. It’s not selfish to address your own needs or say “no” once in a while on the job. Your career, as much as it can be challenging and exciting, isn’t everything you are. You’re more than an educator. Embrace creative outlets like drawing, reading or enjoying music in order to be whole and wholly present in the classroom.

4. Relationships.

Friends and family are critical. It’s easy to bail out on fun times with loved ones because of exhaustion or work load. But taking time away from being an instructor is the best way to recharge. Turn away from the distractions of work at home. Go on small adventures with family and friends, explore new places, enjoy a meal, take a walk.

5. Gratitude.

Being present and intentional, even for just a few breaths at a time, will give you strength to manage the problems and stress all instructors face in the classroom. Have gratitude for the people in your life and the students who look up to you. Remember the passions that have driven you into the classroom and continue to stimulate you creatively.

6. Celebrate.
Give yourself a pat on the back! You’re showing up, presenting vital information and making a difference in the lives of your students. It’s OK to be proud of yourself. Ask your students to keep in touch after graduation and share their success with you. Each positive encounter can give you the energy to turn away from burnout.

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