Getting an ‘Ivy League’ Advantage

Getting an ‘Ivy League’ Advantage

It’s common knowledge that those that graduate from the Ivy League of schools tend to be favored in the stack of resumes. Even long after they’ve completed those strenuous years of entry level work, they can still brag about being an Ivy League grad and will eyebrows raise in appreciation. Make no mistake, the same is true in the beauty industry.

The schools that take pride in their reputation of producing the best and the brightest new professionals are those that also invest time in ensuring that they help their students prepare for a long, successful career. These graduates:

  • Have the confidence to apply for top positions
  • Get the better jobs at the better salons
  • Know their options, and flex them
  • Build clientele faster
  • Know the financial side of beauty
  • Achieve their goals and have fun doing it


The list of advantages goes on and on, which is why there is a very large quality gap between schools that do and do not offer a business curriculum like Nuts & Bolts Training. Salons know this when they are reviewing candidates and will always opt for the graduate with the well-rounded, prestigious education. The ‘Ivy League’ beauty schools provide progressive programs like:


  • Courses in retail, customer retention strategies and new client marketing tactics
  • Online and video training to enhance the experience
  • Mobile apps to provide students with access to learn on the go
  • Exclusive portfolio building and job placement sites to get you hired faster

Schools that teach their students these important business and marketing skills build their reputation as the ‘ivy league’ of beauty. Their reputation for educational excellence precedes the new graduate who puts their name down on their resume. Especially when accompanied by ‘Nuts & Bolts Graduate.’ Smart graduates also use this dialogue in their interviews and demonstrate they have an above average education that will take them far. Because, in the end, smart salon owners wouldn’t think twice about hiring you.

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