Top 10 Nominees, 5th annual SA|SC Cut | Color Contest

Top 10 Nominees, 5th annual SA|SC Cut | Color Contest

Congratulations are in order for all of those students who entered the 5th Annual Sassoon Academy | School Connection Cut | Color Contest. The photos these students submitted were remarkable and proved very difficult for the judges to narrow the entrants down to just the top 10. Below, view the photos from those students nominated as a finalist in the competition.
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1st Place, Kenzie Quinton, Eveline Charles Academy
[one-third] 1-eca-kenzie-quinton-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 1-eca-kenzie-quinton-beforeBefore [/one-third]

2nd Place, Taylor DeBartolo, Brillare Hairdressing Academy
[one-third] 2-brillare-taylor-debartolo-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 2-brillare-taylor-debartolo-beforeBefore [/one-third]

3rd Place, Mallory Theal, Eveline Charles Academy
[one-third] 3-eca-mallory-theal-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 3-eca-mallory-theal-beforeBefore [/one-third]

4th Place, Natalie Clark, Cameo College of Essential Beauty
[one-third] 4-cameo-natalie-clark-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 4-cameo-natalie-clark-beforeBefore [/one-third]

5th Place, Brynn Van Bruggen, Eveline Charles Academy
[one-third] 5-eca-brynn-van-bruggen-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 5-eca-brynn-van-bruggen-beforeBefore [/one-third]

6th Place, Brooke Semeniuk, Eveline Charles Academy
[one-third] 6-eca-brooke-semeniuk-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABefore [/one-third]

7th Place, Terresa Borrego, W. Institute
[one-third] 7-w-institute-terresa-borrego-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 7-w-institute-terresa-borrego-beforeBefore [/one-third]

8th Place, Stephen Jean, Avenue Five Institute
[one-third] 8-ave-5-stephen-jean-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 8-ave-5-stephen-jean-beforeBefore [/one-third]

9th Place, Carly Schmuker, Eveline Charles Academy
[one-third] 9-eca-carly-schmuker-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 9-eca-carly-schmuker-beforeBefore [/one-third]

10th Place, Miranda Potts, Cameo College of Essential Beauty
[one-third] 10-cameo-miranda-potts-afterAfter [/one-third][one-third] 10-cameo-miranda-potts-beforeBefore [/one-third]

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