Interview with Nikki Hynek

Interview with Nikki Hynek

Interview with Nikki Hynek, the 1st Place International Business Student of the Year Esthetics winner

Read about Nikki’s accomplishments so far and you will realize how bright this young lady’s future is. Not only has she already started her own business; she’s the winner of the 3rd Annual Nuts and Bolts International Business Student of the Year. Read on to find out how Nuts and Bolts Training Programs have helped Nikki to excel in school and jump-start a successful career.

NAB: What made you decide to choose a career in Esthetics/Make-up Artistry?
NIKKI: I decided to pursue a career in Esthetics and Make-up Artistry because I love everything about beauty- the art, the history, and the business side of the beauty industry. Also, I’ve been a student of facial contours, fresh skin, sultry eyes and symmetrical lips really my whole life.

NAB: Did you ever consider any other careers? Have you worked in any other industry?
NIKKI: I never intended on becoming a makeup artist or esthetician- I really always imagined myself being a journalist because I’m a curious person by nature and have a knack for asking tons of questions. After high school, I pursued a career in Communications/Journalism and worked at the Clinique Counter to support myself through college. It was at Clinique that my passion for skin care and makeup were ignited. I eventually gave up makeup to get a ‘real job’ as a Copy Editor at a local newspaper, but I only lasted a few months before I decided to heed the calling of makeup once again. As a practicing makeup artist, I knew a significant component was missing from my skill set, so I decided to fill the gap by attending Esthetics training. Esthetics helped me marry my passion for skin and makeup.

NAB: How has the knowledge you’ve learned from Nuts and Bolts helped you to reach your goals?
NIKKI: Initially, when I started school I felt defeated- I could hardly sell anything and my client services were so low! I began to meditate on a few key points from the Nuts and Bolts training- to work smarter, not harder; WOW my customers; and problem solve, not sell. Once I overcame my fears and began applying these philosophies, I saw my numbers change dramatically. I began to reach my service and retail goals on a regular basis and received great customer feedback.

I also contribute the success of my freelance makeup artistry business to the skills I took away from the NaB training- it really helped shape me to be a better businesswoman.

NAB: What is your favorite cornerstone or lesson that you’ve learned from the Nuts and Bolts training books?
NIKKI: It was the ‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ that resonated with me most. I took a risk and started offering my clients a few more services and products that I knew they needed, and surprisingly they were open to trying them! Without Nuts and Bolts, I wouldn’t have offered other services during a consultation because I didn’t want to be pushy. But I quickly realized that one high dollar ticket was a lot more fun and easier to reach my goals than a lot of little tickets!

NAB: What are some of your long-term goals now that you have graduated?
NIKKI: In the future I have a desire to launch my own makeup or skin care line, successfully. Also, I would also like to forge my passion for writing with my love for makeup and esthetics!

NAB: Who has helped inspired you at your school? (team leader, coach, teacher).
NIKKI: Carol Sebetka, at Capri College, is an amazing instructor. I so appreciated her encouragement and willingness to go above and beyond for me- her encouragement helped to motivate me.

NAB: What advice would you give to a brand new Esthetics student?
NIKKI: First, be open minded because you can’t truly learn anything if you already know everything! Second, take risks and get a little uncomfortable. Lastly, school is your foundation- it’s up to you to take it further and go above and beyond if you want to set yourself apart and achieve success.

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