Our Student Training Programs

We’ve spent the past 15 years working with hundreds of schools, training thousands of teachers, and preparing more than 150,000 students for success.

We’ve learned a lot over the years, and that ‘s why the latest versions of our Student Training Programs are quite simply, unrivaled in our industry.

We understand that not every student is created equally, that our students are unique, and that they demand and deserve a curriculum that’s built specifically with them in mind.


With the 2017 launch of NaBCloud.com and the NaBCloud app suite, we have created a curriculum set that is worthy of our creative and wonderfully diverse student body.

Blending innovative technology with classic methodology, NaBCloud delivers the crucial lessons our future professionals need, in a fun and easy to use platform that mirrors the tools they already use in their daily lives.

A few NaBCloud highlights

  • 100% digital option – no need for books.
  • Engaging video, presentations, curriculum and testing.
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Easy to use for Staff, Teachers, and Students.
  • Coach students from within the system.
  • Easily track student progress.
  • Easily track progress of teachers and staff in the certification process.
  • Automatic integration with BeautyMob.com

Here’s a look into each of our 5 core Student Training Programs:

Embracing Change

Embracing Change is all about your students. Their future. Their plans. Their lives. Their careers. Students will learn how positive change can help them overcome fear, develop good business habits and use change to fuel their personal and business growth. Students will develop the traits of a leader to create their own future!

Customer WOW

Customer WOW is all about working in the industry. Students will learn practical skills and real-world lessons to create deep client trust and loyalty. Practicing Customer WOW teaches students how to put their best foot forward at work every day, for every client, every time.

The Salon and Spa Professional

The Salon & Spa Professional gets students prepared for the transition to their working world, so students can get busy earning money and building a successful career. Students will learn critical money management skills and the inside scoop on how to land the job they want…and succeed once they are there. We show students the building blocks of the perfect Portfolio and Resume so they can land that dream job today!

The Complete Retail Experience

The Complete Retail Experience is all about the industry. Students will learn to master the complete retail experience, including all the secrets that the best salon & spa professionals already know. Pushy selling tactics are a thing of the past. Students will learn to prescribe, not sell, and will unlock the secret to make the complete retail experience work for them!

Build Your Business

Build Your Business is all about how to succeed in the industry. Students are business people, and they need to learn how to manage the bottom line, increase their productivity and plan their career. Building a successful business in the salon & spa industry is all about knowing how to keep score, and Build Your Business shows students how the pros really do it.


For an in-depth look into the content and methodology of our Student Training Programs and NaBCloud, contact us here, or sign up here for one of our regularly scheduled Live-Look webinars.

We’re confident that once you see what we’ve built, you will want to be part of this revolution.