15 years ago, we set out with a simple but quite lofty goal.

We wanted to change the way beauty service providers viewed themselves, and how the world viewed them. We wanted to create an army of business trained beauty professionals that knew their worth, and knew how to develop and maintain thriving careers. We began working with our first group of schools in the early nineties and have never lost sight of this goal.

Over the years, we have grown and developed our student business training programs into something we’re extremely proud of. Never, has so much investment, research, and passion, gone into building such a comprehensive set of training tools for the beauty industry.

We teach our students about the industry, how to find their place within the industry, and how to navigate their paths to success.

We teach them how to market themselves, brand themselves, get a client, keep a client, build their book, and ultimately run a lasting and profitable business.

We do this in a way that speaks directly to them. We understand that our students are special and unique, so we’ve developed a teaching system that combines classical methods, with engaging content, real world application, and technology to deliver something that works with every student, every time.

Jim Yates, President and CEO of Nuts and Bolts Training Company

We’ve had the privilege of training more than 150,000 students over our 15 years in business, and we can’t wait to train the next 150,000.

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Other Services

Of course, in working with so many schools over so many years, we’ve learned a lot about every other facet of running a successful cosmetology school.

We’ve developed systems, policies, procedures, and best practices that can help take even pretty good schools, to an entirely different level of success.


One of the obvious bi-products of training students how to become better business professionals is the overall growth of revenue from the clinic floor. Student training, accompanied by staff training, and system integration, can turn a normal clinic floor into a thriving stand-alone business.

We launched Clinic-Flow in 2017, and are extremely excited about the opportunity to share our proven success techniques with you. Our member schools have some of the highest performing Student Salons in the world.

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Member School Support

Throughout our 15 years in business, we’ve gained a reputation for being unrivaled in our high levels of client support.

We’re extremely proud of the relationships we’ve built with our family of schools, staff, teachers, and especially our NaB students and graduates.

Our motto has always been ‘Your success is our business’ and that is something we live every day with everyone we are lucky enough to work with.

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Teacher Training

In developing our programs we came to understand that the key to any successful school ultimately depends on the people delivering the education in the classroom.

Our teachers are the lifeblood of our schools. Without an engaged, passionate, and educated teaching staff, we don’t stand a chance of graduating the level of student we’re all striving for. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy into developing what we believe to be the most comprehensive teacher training system available in the industry.

While others have moved their focus away from teacher training and professional development in the past few years, we believe that now, more than ever, we need to concentrate our efforts into our educators. We hope you agree.