Nuts and Bolts at the 2011 CEA Annual Convention

Nuts and Bolts at the 2011 CEA Annual Convention

The Nuts and Bolts team was thrilled to participate in the 2011 CEA Annual Convention in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona. The highlight of the team’s involvement in the conference was when President and CEO of Nuts and Bolts, Jim Yates, taught a class along with attorney Ed Cramp (Duane Morris, LLP).


The team of 2 gentlemen presented:

“SECURE YOUR JOB: The nuts and bolts of how new government legislation effects your job”

Jim, a 35 year veteran in this industry, gave insight to educators, directors and school owners about the new changes that are ahead. He covered topics ranging from how the new government legislation will effect schools, what everyone’s part is in it, areas that need immediate attention, and how to develop an action plan.

Ed Cramp provided a sounding board for Jim and chimed in with both fascinating and crucial information supporting the idea that Cosmetology educators are responsible for helping students to be financially accountable.

What they were able to communicate to class participants is that it is our job to make sure that students do the following:

Complete their course

Finish on time

Develop great technical and business practices

Don’t over borrow

Past test and get licensed

Get a good job fast and keep it

Pay back loans

Keep in Touch


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