5th Annual NaB Leadership Conference, 2011 WRAP-UP

5th Annual NaB Leadership Conference, 2011 WRAP-UP

Thank you to all of the Nuts and Bolts Member Schools who attended the 5th Annual NaB Leadership Conference in San Diego Ca, August 20-23, 2011.
What an incredible 4 days! Those who attended left feeling inspired, refreshed and ready to share ideas with their team.
You can view all of the photos from the weekend here

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Here is what some of our School Owners and Team Leaders had to say about the conference:

“It keeps getting better and better every year. The information that was shared was incredibly powerful.”
-Jim Yates, President and CEO of Nuts and bolts

“It was great spending last weekend with you at the Leadership Conference.  Thank you for all the wonderful ideas … I feel so fortunate to be part of such an amazing community.”
-Frank Trieu, owner of Evergreen Beauty College

“Thank you for such a wonderful event. They get better each year. We are all growing together. It’s exactly as it should be.”
-John Halal, Owner of Honors Beauty College

“I had such a great time with all of you over this past weekend.  Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas and helping all of us grow.”
-Brenda Scharman, Owner of Cameo College

“The training that you and your team gave us this weekend was absolutely amazing!  I had an extra night in Cali and all I could do was think about all the great things I want to implement when I get to work.  This weekend was wonderful and is going to help make so many great changes at our school.”
-Stacie McIlwain, Director, Cosmetology Careers Unlimited, Hibbing and 2010 NaB Team Leader of the Year


The Hays Academy Team
Russell Hersowitz
James O-Regan
Laurie Mason
Stephen Moody
Ed Cramp
Joe and
Frank Trieu
Brenda Scharman
John Halal
Brandon Martin

Thank you for inspiring, informing, and lighting the fire for all of those who attended the 2011 Leadership Conference

All of the presentations that were given during the conference are available to Nuts and Bolts Member Schools and can be downloaded in the Member Section

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