Yearly Archives - 2013

July and August Team Leader Trainings, Santa Monica, CA, 2013

At the fabulous Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California, Nuts and Bolts Team Leaders recently met for 2 three day boot camps to learn about the Cornerstone Learning Method and the brand new Cornerstone Series. Team Leaders learned all about how the Cornerstone Learning Method makes teaching business skills [...]

Top 10 Nominees, 5th annual SA|SC Cut | Color Contest

Congratulations are in order for all of those students who entered the 5th Annual Sassoon Academy | School Connection Cut | Color Contest. The photos these students submitted were remarkable and proved very difficult for the judges to narrow the entrants down to just the top 10. Below, view [...]

2013 Recognition Ceremony, ISSE

Don't miss this year's Recognition Ceremony, recognizing the top 10 finalists in the 5th annual Sassoon Academy School Connection Cut | Color Competitions, and the nominees for the 5th Annual Nuts and Bolts International Business Student of the Year Awards: Saturday night, 7:30 PM, Hyatt Regency Ballroom, Level 4, [...]