The Cornerstone Series enables students to embrace change, retail successfully and build a successful business and wow their customers all the time, every time.

With this foundation, the career that students build will be built to last.

Embracing Change

Embracing Change is all about your students. Their future. Their plans. Their lives. Their careers. Students will learn how positive change can help them overcome fear, develop good business habits and use change to fuel their personal and business growth. Students will develop the traits of a leader to create their own future!

“Truly I feel more confident and prepared to succeed independently after leaving school, and this is only after going through the first program!”

–Sacha, Nuts and Bolts Student

The Complete Retail Experience

The Complete Retail Experience is all about the industry. Students will learn to master the complete retail experience, including all the secrets that the best salon & spa professionals already know. Pushy selling tactics are a thing of the past. Students will learn to prescribe, not sell, and will unlock the secret to make the complete retail experience work for them!

“Nuts and bolts has helped me so much in retailing the right product to the right client. Nuts and bolts has given me the confidence to talk about products to my clients with out being too pushy and annoying. I really think this program is going to help me in my future. I have already learned so much”

-Mattie Forsyth, Nuts and Bolts Student

Customer WOW

Customer WOW is all about working in the industry. Students will learn practical skills and real-world lessons to create deep client trust and loyalty. Practicing Customer WOW teaches students how to put their best foot forward at work every day, for every client, every time.

“Nuts & Bolts is a terrific program that I know will help me to be a successful cosmetologist and also a great business woman. Someday I would love to have my own salon back in my home town. After completing this program, I have the knowledge, tools and skills that it will take to achieve my dream! This program gave me confidence!”

-Burgandy Herrboldt, Nuts and Bolts Student

Build Your Business

Build Your Business is all about how to succeed in the industry. Students are business people, and they need to learn how to manage the bottom line, increase their productivity and plan their career. Building a successful business in the salon & spa industry is all about knowing how to keep score, and Build Your Business shows students how the pros really do it.

“Nuts & Bolts is the essential framework for any business. By being problem solvers and prescribing products and services to clients, we can be successful in any aspect of our work. I apply Nuts & Bolts to every day life since it benefits me, my co-workers and my clients. Learn it!”

-Kara Thompson, Nuts and Bolts Student

The Salon and Spa Professional

The Salon & Spa Professional gets students prepared for the transition to their working world, so students can get busy earning money and building a successful career. Students will learn critical money management skills and the inside scoop on how to land the job they want…and succeed once they are there. We show students the building blocks of the perfect Portfolio and Resume so they can land that dream job today!