Career Link

This program is designed to let the Salon/Spa world know that Nuts & Bolts students are better than the rest. We believe we are introducing a level of graduate that this industry has never seen before. The program is designed to do 3 key things.

  1. Help you, the Salon/Spa find truly qualified graduates straight out of school.
  2. Help Nuts and Bolts Member Schools place their graduates into quality jobs.
  3. Most importantly, It’s designed to help our students find the right job with the right Salon/Spa immediately after graduation.

Nuts and Bolts Career Link is 100% free to participating Salons and Spas.
All we ask is that salons and spas adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. You agree that if a Nuts and Bolts Graduate applies for a position at your Salon or Spa you will guarantee that graduates resume will jump to the top of the pile
  2. You agree that you will contact that Graduate via phone or e-mail letting them know if you’d like to meet them, or if there is nothing available.
  3. You agree to provide Nuts and Bolts a direct e-mail address for the person in charge of hiring in your organization.
  4. You agree to the person in charge of your hiring sitting in on a 20 minute webinar informing them about the difference between a normal graduate and a Nuts and Bolts Graduate, and explaining how the outreach program works and what we expect from participating Salons and Spas.


For the past decade we’ve been training America’s Cosmetology, Esthetics, Massage, and nail students the art of:


[one-third]• Public Speaking
• Consultative Retail Sales
• Up-Servicing
• 5 Star Customer Service
• Pre-Booking & Re-Booking
[/one-third][one-third]• Building a Clientele
• Self Promotion & Marketing
• Business Planning
• Communication Skills
• Working Within a Team